It was life changing to have you as my therapist. I learned a lot about myself and you supported me in finding new ways of dealing with the things that were troubling me and identify the triggers to the addiction problem and find forgiveness to the things in the past.

When I started to visit your practice I felt alone and ashamed of my compulsive behaviours but with time, through your encouragement to join support groups, I felt a sense of belonging.

I learnt recovery from addiction is a life journey, and there are a lot of people out there who care.


Joe really seems to be thriving at the moment. He is a different person, for which we are all very pleased. Thank you so much for all that you have done for him (and therefore for us as a family).


It was lovely to bump into you the other day, I felt I really benefited from our sessions and thought you might like a little feedback.

I have grown so much in the last two years and am in such a better head space. I’ve made ‘real’ friends for the first time since school. Our house has an open door – with people popping in anytime – I remember I used to hyperventilate at people coming to the door! I also don’t have the random dark days. Of course I can have low moods and stressful times naturally, but they do not consume me. I feel I have a few tools to deal with the difficult times when/if they do come.

I am very grateful for all your help back then – so glad I did not need the anti-depressants. And I draw, and that is directly because you encouraged me. I have sold many originals and several prints of other drawings. I even won a prize for one of them! I have an attached a few for fun. It’s so exciting to have a new passion, I just love it.


I’m good, going through lots of blossoming and change, its lovely!! And needed, and deserved!! I have a lot of insights and it feels like some things are just coming together now, bits and pieces from all I have learnt over the recent years.

I often feel your presence in my head and I still feel your guidance and so appreciate everything you have done, and continue to do for me!




One of the most impressive body-therapies that I have found is TRE® – a fundamentally simple technique which is powerfully effective in breaking through the inhibiting effects trauma has on the body.

Richard Oxtoby, Psychotherapist.


My wife says I have changed a lot! She says I am much calmer and more relaxed. Not flying off the handle when things go wrong. Instead I accept them and the way I respond to a situation is usually much better. Thanks again for teaching me.


Thanks for all your input and understanding. I was lucky our paths crossed. I am still doing TRE®.


Mallorie facilitated the TRE® sessions we had together beautifully. The environment was calming, the instructions clear, and the experience felt contained and safe.

TRE® has done wonders for me. I suffer from chronic depression and panic disorder, and TRE has helped me regain a sense of balance and smooth out my moods, so I can function much better day-to-day.

It’s amazing what such a simple technique can do. The first time I tremored, I felt the calmest I’d felt in years. The first session opened up a lot of repressed feelings, and helped unlock a lot of stagnant energy in my body.

I am really grateful for Mallorie’s kindness, professionalism and positive attitude. I continue to practice TRE on my own at home when I feel my mental energy is not quite right.




Words will fail me in expressing the levels of our thanks for your contribution to our marriage process, but I’ll try. Your input expanded, contained, facilitated, held, guided… Our experience of the wedding, both the secret ceremony and the public gathering, was as meaningful and textured as it was because you were there.

I will always hold the morning of the sunrise swim and the ceremony under the tree at Little Springs as one of my most sacred moments, and for this I cannot thank you enough. We are so grateful that you said yes to taking us on this journey.


Thank you for doing the process with the clients yesterday. As always, we got really good feedback. They really benefited from it.


I found my higher power during the ritual and managed to let go off some serious issues. That day is still engraved as one of the best during my stay in the south.


We received overwhelming positive feedback from the clients on the ritual.


Thank you Wild Treasures for the most beautifully crafted experience. I felt safe, contained and inspired.


Your talk on children and the internet was fantastic. I received very good feedback.

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