‘The most valuable step I ever took was making an appointment with a therapist. It took a lot of courage, but it was in an atmosphere of acceptance and safety that I could begin to hear my own voice emerge out of all the other voices and expectations around me, and to begin to make healthier choices for myself.’

Do you feel…

  • Stuck? Want something different for yourself but seem unable to make the change?
  • Worried about your own or someone else’s substance use or destructive behavior?
  • Stressed, overwhelmed or out of control?
  • Unhappy and depressed a lot of the time?
  • Struggling to adjust after a sudden change or traumatic event?
  • Very anxious or have panic attacks?


If you experience any of the above, you will benefit from counseling…

I offer a safe and confidential environment. My training and experience helps me to see beyond the immediate problems to you as a whole person.

I am open about the process of counselling and you are free to question me.

An initial assessment will help to identify your strengths as well as areas that need support in order to move forward. This might include:

  • Addressing self-defeating beliefs
  • Developing a vision for the future
  • Developing self-understanding and compassion
  • Building the ability to tolerate difficult emotions
  • Dealing with conflict in a constructive way
  • Building self confidence
  • Setting boundaries with others
  • Releasing past trauma that is keeping your nervous system in a hyper-vigilant state.
  • Building stress tolerance


I work a lot with addiction (substance and behavioral), anxiety, depression (including post natal depression) and the after-effects of trauma. I sometimes work with people questioning their gender and sexuality.

I use a person centered approach and draw from other therapeutic modalities depending on the person. These are Solution Focused therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Mindfulness and TRE®.

It’s so important that you feel comfortable with your therapist. In your first couple of sessions you will be deciding whether I am someone you can trust and want to work with.

We will explore what you are wanting and I will give you a sense of how we will work together.

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