Mallorie Lee

‘We all, regardless of culture or background, have an intrinsic longing to feel alive, well and meaningfully connected to others. And, just like an eco-system – no matter how damaged – we all have the ability to recover in the right conditions.’

Mallorie Lee

  • Diploma, Applied Psychology, SA College for Applied Psychology
  • Advanced Practitioner, TRE®
  • Wilderness Facilitation, Renaissance Business Associates
  • Registered Mountain Guide, Adventure Qualifications Network


I began studying psychology part time when my children were small. I was managing staff in an Eastern Cape resort and was intrigued by what mattered to people and motivated them.

Since then I have focused on adolescence, sexuality and somatic work with a strong focus on healing from trauma. I have also developed skills that support my work with individuals and groups in nature and the wilderness.

During my internship at, Stepping Stones, an addiction treatment centre, I started taking patients for therapy in nature and found this a powerful medium for change. I am certain that depression and mental illness are so prevalent because we have become so disconnected from the natural world and our true natures.

My work has also highlighted the relationship between addiction and past trauma, much of which is still held in the body. For healing, both need to be addressed. TRE® is a great support to other therapies. Although an advanced practitioner, I continue to study to stay up to date with current best practice.

A weekend will often find me in nature -exploring mountains, foraging along the coast, or studying plants or people.

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